The Good Food Plan 2: a Brussels response to the challenges of sustainable food

The Good Food Strategy 2 (GFS2) of the Brussels region represents an ambitious vision aiming to transform the Brussels food system towards greater sustainability, while including social, environmental, and economic challenges.

The GFS2 builds upon the first Good Food strategy (2016-2020) and aligns with the regional policy declaration 2019-2024, which calls for strengthening this initiative. The result of a one-year participatory process involving approximately 300 stakeholders aims for a structural shift towards sustainability by 2030.

This strategy aspires to requalify the entire food system, from production to consumption, by adopting a model that respects both humanity and biodiversity, while promoting the creation of quality jobs. Specifically, the Good Food diet promotes healthy and tasty eating, emphasizing fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains, while favouring fresh, seasonal, preferably organic and local products, and limiting sugars, salt, overly fatty foods, animal proteins, and food waste.

The 4 cross-cutting principles:

  1. A governance that is both participatory, interdisciplinary and co-led
  2. A principle of social inclusion, health, and food sovereignty systematically applied
  3. The challenges of combating and adapting to climate disruptions and protecting and strengthening biodiversity encountered
  4. A diverse urban environment

The 5 strategic axes:

  1. Axis 1: Intensify and support agroecological production in Brussels and its surroundings
  2. Axis 2: Develop “Good Food” supply chains to provision Brussels
  3. Axis 3: Ensure the distribution of a “Good Food” commercial offering
  4. Axis 4: Ensure “Good Food” for all
  5. Axis 5: Reduce food losses and waste

67 Good Food labeled restaurants

Currently, 67 restaurants are listed in the directory and labelled. They meet defined criteria, are supported by evidence, and are verified by an external auditor. Here are two examples of restaurants that have obtained this Label:

Bel’O restaurant: Here, you can enjoy sandwiches or croques and drink fresh soups, coffees, or teas – with a delicious homemade piece of pie for dessert, with vegetarian and vegan options available on the menu. As for the vegetables, they couldn’t be fresher – they come from their two gardens!

Dreamkitchen restaurant: A team of volunteers rolls their mobile kitchens under the large, covered hall of the Abattoir, transforming it into a neighbourhood kitchen. The concept? Lunch takes the form of a buffet, and anyone with time and willingness is invited to lend a hand in preparing a healthy and fresh lunch, based on market leftovers. DREAMKITCHEN offers a delicious lunch and soup from Monday to Thursday between 12 and 2 pm, all vegetarian or vegan. At DREAMKITCHEN, you can indulge at an affordable price while reducing food waste by revaluing leftovers from Brussels’ largest market.

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